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Hearing Examiner hearings are scheduled for Spring 2024. Mark Your Calendars:

  • March 20-28 for Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) review – pre-selected witnesses will testify, but all can observe.

  • March 27 for Permit review – this will be the only one where the public may testify – we need your testimony!

  • These hearings begin at 9:00 a.m.

Beginning March 20, 2024, the Pierce County Hearing Examiner will hear the case objecting to the proposed installation of a 25.5-acre industrial geoduck operation in Burley Lagoon. Six business days have been reserved for this hearing and both sides will present their arguments. This hearing has two parts:

1) An Appeal of the adequacy of Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) (March 20-28).
2) The reasons Pierce County should not issue a permit for this proposal (March 27).

This hearing will be available to attend both in person and virtually. Friends of Burley Lagoon (FOBL) will provide the details for attending either way when they are known.

Initially the Hearing Examiner will hear our case appealing the decision of Pierce County to allow the Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) to stand as written. We anticipate it will take several days to present. During that phase we will argue the EIS itself is inaccurate and was not sufficiently reviewed. Witnesses will be called to testify during this section, but no public comments will be allowed. However, your attendance is welcome and would show broad interest and concern from the public.

Once the Appeal of the EIS is presented, the Hearing Examiner will hear the case for and against granting the Permit for the geoduck project. The Permit Review will be held on March 27th, and public comments WILL be heard. We need your help! Please plan to attend either in person or virtually and speak up. We need all concerned about preserving and protecting Burley Lagoon to participate!

FOBL plans to host a Zoom meeting before March so that we can discuss topics and strategies for speaking at the hearing. We will notify you of the time and date early in the new year.

In addition to your participation at the hearing, this is a critical time to increase our fundraising efforts. Please consider giving a donation to Friends of Burley Lagoon. This is an expensive fight, requiring us to hire environmental lawyers and experts. Just filing the paperwork for the appeal cost over $3,000. An additional $10,000+ has already been spent on experts to review the EIS, and the costs will continue to climb as we pursue this effort.

We’re counting on funding to make this fight possible. Donations can be made through this website on our donation page:

Or checks may be sent to:
Friends of Burley Lagoon
PO Box 363
Burley, WA 98322-0363.
FOBL is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.

Pierce County has created a webpage for this proposal at the following link:

Questions? Contact and Send your comments to Pierce County at:
Dave Risvold, Pierce County Shoreline Planning Supervisor:  / 253-798-7036
Ty Booth, Pierce County Planner:  / 253-798-3727

In your comments, please reference the following case numbers:
Shoreline Substantial Development Permit / Shoreline Conditional Use Permit:
Case No. SD/CP15-14 - Burley Lagoon Geoduck Farm (Taylor Shellfish Farms)
Application Numbers: 778791, 778792, 778793, 778794, 823304, 1004944
Parcel Numbers: 0122133078, 0122231065, 0122231067, 0122231071

Please share your comments with Friends of Burley Lagoon via email

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Predator exclusion nets covering previous natural habitat in Burley Lagoon


Are Puget Sound tidelands and estuaries being exploited by industrial aquaculture?  Fragile estuaries such as Burley Lagoon depend on the stewardship of all people.

Friends of Burley Lagoon is troubled by the loss of natural habitat and feeding grounds for aquatic animals, plants, and waterfowl that call Burley Lagoon and Puget Sound home.

Currently, the Burley Estuary has large areas of the tideland covered in plastic nets to protect industrial oyster and clam beds from aquatic animals and birds considered pests by the industry.

These tidelands have been altered by the nets, and marine animals can be trapped under the nets and die.  To boost the yield of clams and oysters, the industry can also remove species considered pests or predators including:

bamboo worms, barnacles, burrowing shrimp, cockles, crabs, flatworms, horse clams, moon snails, oyster drills, sand dollars, starfish, perch, seagulls, crows, ravens, waterfowl, flatfish, sculpins, raccoon, river otter, mussels, algae, grasses, Japanese eelgrass, slipper shells, and tunicates.

Now the industry is proposing the installation of a 25 acre geoduck site in the Burley Lagoon.  If Pierce County approves the permit, cumulative impacts of industrial aquaculture practices could threaten the Burley estuary’s ecosystem and continue to interfere with the natural food web of Puget Sound.

Friends of Burley Lagoon is a group of citizen advocates monitoring the expansion and impacts of industrial aquaculture. We seek to provide information to the public and champion ecological balance and biodiversity in Burley Lagoon and Puget Sound. Friends of Burley Lagoon is committed to protecting Puget Sound tidelands and the Burley estuary. They are Washington treasures, not to be sacrificed.

Get involved! Join us!  Raise your voice for Puget Sound and Burley Lagoon!
Contact your local, state, and national representatives.
Help us protect our Puget Sound tidelands.

We welcome your contribution. Friends of Burley Lagoon is a nonprofit 501(c)(3).

You may also mail your contribution to:
Friends of Burley Lagoon
P O Box 363
Burley WA ,98322

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