About Us

Friends of Burley Lagoon

About Us

Friends of Burley Lagoon (FOBL) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to preserving and protecting Burley Lagoon as part of the greater Puget Sound.  We are dedicated to defending the Burley estuary from any missteps that may endanger its ecosystem, biodiversity, aesthetics, and recreational opportunities.

We follow the science to assess immediate and cumulative impacts that may result from industrialized aquaculture in Burley Lagoon and across Puget Soundís tidelands. FOBL is in contact with other groups working for the welfare of our waters and shorelines and is focused on our local Burley estuary as part of that broader mission.

Mission Statement

Friends of Burley Lagoon is organized exclusively for charitable, educational, and scientific purposes to increase public awareness of the value of the ecological health, species diversity, natural character, aesthetic qualities and recreational uses of Puget Sound.


Board of Directors

The volunteer Board of Directors meets monthly:

  • to stay current on scientific research and circumstances that may impact Burley Lagoon
  • to facilitate public education about Burley Lagoon and Puget Sound ecology
  • to remain informed regarding administrative decisions and policies that could affect lagoon and marine health
  • to raise funds to support the preservation and protection of Burley estuary and Puget Sound
  • to participate in civic matters that could impact the Burley Lagoon area and Puget Sound
  • to collaborate with other groups and community agencies involved in protecting the marine environment
  • to encourage responsible practices to protect Burley Lagoonís ecosystem